Why You Should Hire Professional Translators When It Comes To Translation

Why You Should Hire Professional Translators When It Comes To Translation

If you are entering a new market in a country or region you are unfamiliar with, how will you localize your business’s marketing, branding, and promotional content? You would have to translate the content into the native language to become accessible for the local customers. But can an AI software or a freelance translator be trusted with the job? Why is it important to hire professional translators such as Translation Planet when it comes to translations? There are a few reasons.

Linguistic expertise

Depending upon the fields of work, certain words are required to be translated in a specific manner that makes sense in that field’s broader context. For instance, when translated to native language, medical or legal terminology should make sense in their specific domain of usage. Translators must have linguistic expertise; only then can they maintain consistency and accuracy in the content. Professional translators use resources such as translation databases, style guides, termbases, among others, to make sure they maintain both accuracy and consistency in their work.

Transparency and experience

Usually, professional translators work frequently on challenging projects that provide them with the knowledge and command over their work. They are also well-versed with how to work with clients and maintain an open channel of communication. Professional translators will share their progress with you while working on the project and will keep you updated without you having to nudge them for reports now and then.

High-quality work

Professional translators incorporate certain quality control checks in their working model, ensuring that any discrepancies are weeded out. To put it simply, you get a thoroughly checked, scrutinized, and edited work that is free of grammatical and other errors. Even though initially, it may seem like you are paying more for the services of a professional translator, it will be ultimately cost-effective because you won’t have to pay an editor to proofread and correct the content.

Familiarity with the language

You can easily find people who can read, write, and speak the language you want your content to be translated in to. However, that alone is not sufficient to get high-quality translations. Often, there are certain cultural nuances, historical and traditional references, etc., that are quite tricky to translate for a foreign audience. Particularly, the marketing and promotional content is often filled with such unique pop-culture references.

This is where you need a professional translator who can catch and represent these elements of the language in a way that conveys the essence to the native audience. It is because they can understand even the slightest of nuances and, therefore, make sure that the content they provide is free of any gaffes or cultural insensitivities. You wouldn’t want your marketing content to become a laughing stock or, even worse, a source of hurting people’s sentiments.


From the tone of voice, they take, to the choice of words they use, every decision of a professional translator is towards fulfilling a purpose. The objective is to present your business in the best possible light to a foreign audience. You would be making a mistake to think that this complicated and incredibly important task could be done by anyone other than a professional translator.