Why do you need translation services for your brand?

English is a global language. However, our globe is not just the English language.

English can help us connect with people, but English is not enough to reach your target audience and potential customers.

Even the most influential business conglomerates like Google and Facebook choose to communicate with their broader consumer base in the language they speak.

If this weren’t so, these huge brands would have been limited to American and European continents only.

So what exactly sets apart the success of these brands and your brand?

The art of effective communication and the main ingredient of this art is TRANSLATION.

Let us analyze what all you may lose out on if you still have not considered professional translation services for your beloved brand:

Trust Factor

When you’re a brand, barely communicating with the audience is not enough. When you’re a brand, vaguely advertising your product is not enough. When you’re a brand, customer retention is way more important than a sale by-chance. This one-time sale could be your pure luck. However, if the same customer makes the purchase again, this is no coincidence. This is TRUST. This is just a glimpse of loyalty you can expect if you strum the chords they trust. This is what you can expect when you communicate with customers in their language.

This is the first lesson, Trust.

Persuade them in their language, and you can quickly generate trust surplus.

Global Outreach

Propagation of revolutionary ideas across the globe has always, always happened through Translation. The Greeks translated and conserved Indian scriptures. The Arabs translated Greek manuscripts. Times have changed, yes. However, the mode of propagation of ideas remains the same. Google, Facebook, and Amazon control the maximum exchange of information and goods by carefully providing you the benefit of using their services in ‘your native language’.

Does your business idea also have the potential to go global? Do you also want to create surplus income by attracting global consumers? Do you want to reach markets you didn’t think existed before?

Just begin by translating your ideas into the language they love to hear.

Optimized Marketing

Marketing is all about creating a family. Well, what constitutes a family? When you share the same needs, when you share the same humour, when you share the same values, and when you share the same language, consider your brand and customers to be a part of a large family. You don’t want to end up like the salesperson who shows up at your doorstep once and forgets you after the sale is made. If you wish to convey the why’s, what’s, and how’s of your brand, it is imperative to advertise in their native language. For this, you don’t need a simple translation of your marketing campaigns; instead, you need translation by expert linguists who understand the cultural and social know-how.


Speaking of professionalism, poor knowledge of your customer base and their socio-cultural norms will lead a bad brand reputation. Think of the services beyond e-commerce, like medical prescriptions, legal consultations, and formal business communications. Such businesses thrive on the genuinity of your brand. Small translation errors from your brand’s end may have legal or health repercussions. The only way to completely avoid these error margins is to not rely on Google Translate but professional translators. This will create not only trust but also goodwill for your brand in the longer run.

Language is the thread that connects communities. To help you persuade these communities to avail your services and buy your products, We help you accomplish this goal.