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Video Transcription

As one of the best marketing tools, videos are important attention seekers, and having an accurate transcription of the videos helps with SEO while getting the attention it deserves.

Translation Planet commits to converting your video’s audio to a text document. As the number of people consuming video content increases, video transcription services are essential for businesses that want to increase their consumer base.

Remember that video content has the highest ROI; so, transcription enhances viewers’ ability to digest the message.

At Translation Planet, we support various media formats/platforms like TV shows, clips, films, YouTube videos, etc. Our customers include production houses, companies, and individuals who understand the need for high-quality video transcription.

Translation Planet employs human transcriptionists to oversee the video to text tasks. Hence, we provide excellent customer service that will always make you happy.

Quality on-demand video transcription service, a click away!

TP is used by many global multinationals and professional companies with international interests for our African language translation services.

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