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TP works with independent translation experts from all over the world.

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TP offers our clients an integrated, comprehensive translation/transcription service combination. Our company is committed to providing document translation, document localization, video transcription, audio transcription, and video subtitling services of the highest quality possible.
We aim to meet all your language support needs with our translation services. We at TP go beyond strict business transactions – we enjoy building and maintaining long-standing professional relationships with both our clients and our translators, to the benefit of all parties involved. When you work with us, we offer the opportunity for you to work with the same translator(s) for every project. This helps assure consistency throughout your projects, especially important if your industry has a nuanced and specific vocabulary.

TP works with independent translation experts from all over the world. Our translators are trained to exactly comply with your requirements and requests so that you can rest assured that, when you work with TP, you’ll receive error-free and clear translations, always on time.Each and every translated piece of text will reach your hands in a precise, readable format. We have a unique quality assurance process that guarantees you’ll experience unbeatable quality and get the most value for your money. In addition to this QA process, we set our selection standards very high for our translators. These things combined ensure that you can trust us at TP to take care of your translation and transcription projects. You will always have a stress-free experience working with us!

Our professional services are always of the utmost quality.

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We’ve worked with many forms of media, including television, film, and radio. We’re located in Nairobi, the multicultural hub of East Africa, which allows us to employ multilingual staff members who are experienced with transcription and translation.