Translation Services

One way to communicate your thoughts and ideas to thousands of people around the globe is through translation. Languages are one of the communication barriers. Thanks to translation services, we can now understand different languages and cultures. So, what exactly are translation services?

Meaning of Translation Services

Translation services convert a message, word, or text from the source language to another. Someone who understands both languages converts the author’s words, feeling, and context into a different language for the targeted audience. So, translation services are making a piece of information in a document available in other languages.

One way to convert your content into other languages is to hire a professional translation services provider. Transcription Planet offers reliable, timely, high-quality translation services to thousands of people across the globe.

Types of Translation Services

For hiring a translation services provider, the best bet is Transcription Planet. We pride ourselves on our capabilities per excellent job delivery and customer relationship. More so, we have professionals who understand the language, which offers a human touch and feel to the context. Meanwhile, here are the translation services we offer:

  • Academic Translation
  • Document Translation
  • Information Technology Translation
  • Automotive Translation
  • Marketing Translation
  • Medical Translation
  • Technical Translation
  • Website Translation
  • Legal Translation
  • Financial Translation
  • Mechanical Translation

Why is Transcription Planet the best Translation Services Provider for you?

  • Instead of using language software, TP employs experts to handle the translation project. With that, we do not miss the writers’ feel and context.
  • We have professional linguists who understand the concept and word choices in both source and target language.
  • Our translators are well experienced and committed to rendering excellent service.
  • Our experts possess the exact skills and experience that your project demands.
  • We have translators for over 300 languages to convert the message without grammar or syntax errors.
  • Misinterpretation is an offense, and our role is to ensure effective communication.