Transcription Services

Transcribe audio dialogue to text instantly. Need video, documentary, conference, interview, and audio transcriptions. Luckily, Transcription Planet has the tools and human resources to deliver an exceptional service.

Transcription converts a spoken word into a document or text. After transcribing a speech, you can easily share, edit, reference, or index. A transcriptionist listens to the presentations or audio, then transcribes the message into text. Sometimes, it takes about three to four hours to transcribe an hour-long audio recording. At Transcription Planet, we know that accuracy demands diligence and professionalism.

Transcription buys you time to gain extra insight from your recording’s content. Whether in an interview or event, recording the audio with the hope of finding a reputable transcriptionist allows you to focus. Transcription Planet has well-trained and experienced experts to decipher the words with top-notch accuracy. We are always ready to capture the conversations and transcribe every word.

TP is dedicated to helping students, journalists, and researchers who need transcripts on a daily. Please send us the audio during or after the meeting and receive the transcribed work in a few hours.

Instead of spending time transcribe, you can focus on other things after we received the file. More so, we deliver your transcripts in an editable and sharable document.

Our transcription experts are ready to work without delay. We field the most qualified hands to maintain our position as the industry’s best transcription service provider. Our professional transcriptionists will understand and interpret even difficult words without missing the points.

Transcription Planet features global transcribers with extensive knowledge and experience in various fields. Whether in medicine, law, journalism, market research, or engineering, TP can help.

When you contact us, we link you with a team of experts in the language and field of need. Our transcribers do not have issues with understanding the language style and accent. Besides offering transcription services, we can translate, edit, proofread and review your texts.