Learning should never stop, no matter in which field you are. There is always more room for progress and growth. This is the case of the translation industry as well. If you are not taking more Translation certifications and courses, you will easily lag behind your peers. As a translation expert, you must make sure that you take courses and certifications which aid you in the best manner in terms of your professional growth. We at Translation Planet offer you the best guidance in terms of the courses which you should avails if you are aiming to become a translation certified expert in the future.  

Open University Certificate in Translation and Interpreting

You can avail this certification through the San Diego State University where the EnglishSpanish translation and interpretation certificates will allow you to further excel in your career.

Georgia State University Translation and Interpretation Graduate Certificate

You can avail this certification for translation and interpretation in multiple languages including German, Spanish, and French. You will need a college degree to avail their certification. It will be a big boost for your career.

UMass Online Certificate in Professional Translation and Interpreting

You can avail the University of Massachusetts Amherst Online Certificate in Professional Translation and Interpreting, which is one of the most sought-after certifications in this field. The one-year course will allow you to learn more about the diplomatic and business environments as well as legal and healthcare aspects associated with the languages in an online classroom.

Wake Forest University Graduate Program in Interpreting and Translation Studies

You can avail the three MA options which the university has been offering. This topline opportunity will allow you to excel in the global stages in terms of your translation and transcribing skills. You can take the Masters in Interpreting and Translation Studies or Masters in Teaching of Interpreting from here. The language choices for the courses are vast as well since the masters are offered in English as well as Spanish. You can also avail the Certificate in Interpreting Studies, Translation Studies, and Intercultural Services in Healthcare, etc.

 Bellevue College Translation and Interpretation Certificate Program

This translator certification will allow you to learn more about terminology and technology to relate to all languages, the course will take 240 hours and will be providing three language-specific courses to linguists and translation enthusiasts.


ALTA Medical Interpreter Training Online

You can take the dedicated translator certification of ALTA if you have less time to study. You can take this course in 4 months and you will be provided with the right course curriculum and material as well. This course will be available in 42 languages and will be a great boost for the 


American University Translation Certification Courses

No matter if you only speak English or you are a fluent speaker of Russian, French, or Spanish, you can avail this certification from American University. Grab the opportunity to learn a new language and translation and earn over $60000 a year with this fantastic job.