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Subtitles Proofreading, Review, and Editing

With our keen process, checked at every step by our expert linguists, you can rest assured that your multilingual subtitles will be flawless, and without anything being lost in translation. 

Give your texts the touch they deserve with our subtitles proofreading, review, and editing services. At Translation Planet, we hire qualified translators and native speakers to review, edit, and proofread your subtitles. Our subtitling specialists utilize the TP’s quality assurance process to ensure accuracy in transcription and timing.

Translation Planet features subtitle writers with experience across law, sports, finance, advertising, medicine, etc. We work per the client’s requirements to produce intelligent and accurate subtitles. Our professionals spend time watching the video then proofread the subtitle draft. With that, we can correct errors in language style, spelling, and grammar.

Besides subtitle proofreading and editing services, we also insert timings and format the styles before burning the work onto the video. So, you can always count on us.

Quality on-demand subtitles (PRE) service, a click away!

TP is used by many global multinationals and professional companies with international interests for our African language translation services.

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