Streamlining translation processes in the manufacturing industry

Streamlining translation processes in the manufacturing industry

Translation services meet the expectations of clients when they are cost-effective, and the process is fast. To improve the quality of translation tasks, we need to improve the process. Companies provide millions of words translation every month. They are in the market and providing translation services. They want to take the necessary steps to streamline their translation process.

What is the Purpose of Improving Efficiency

The purpose of improving is to manage the translation orders. When there are frequently placed orders, and the amount of work is large, a company needs to streamline all the work.

For meeting this purpose, a company needs many tools. Most of the tools are very common, and almost every company obtains them.  The noticeable point here is that small improvements are also important because they can significantly differentiate a company’s performance.

Benefits of Improvement

Every company can benefit from improving translation services. Whether they provide translation services on a small scale or a large scale, improvement can add many advantages to their service. Here are the benefits they get from improving:

Speed and efficiency

Manually working takes more time which means less work in more time.  This can be tackled with integration which is the best way to minimize manual work. Many small phases of secondary importance can be eliminated by integration.

Machine Translation

Machine translation helps the process run more smoothly. If you have high-frequency work, machine translation can save your time in completing a more considerable amount of work. But, the machine-translated work needs human editing at the end. You can combine both of these methods to save time and money.

Maintaining Translation Memories

The translation memory tool saves a large number of words. This saved data helps in a faster translation of new content. Matching the memory of an old task with a new task can help you run your task faster. Otherwise, it would help if you modified it before starting the translation.

Setting Customer Portals

For a smaller amount of translation tasks, setting a customer portal is a good idea. The translation is smooth and the process is transparent. This portal minimizes the need for emails as the translation can be found in the portal rather than in the client’s inbox.

Improving Quality

When the translation process has become better and streamlined, it is time to improve translation quality. Quality improves when validation is given due attention.  The best validation process is automated. Then, translation memory is crucial because it allows previous work to be reused. This ensures consistency. Large translation projects take much less time because of the translation memory.

Translation quality improves with “bank.” This term means consistency across all translations in all languages. This term “bank” also enables effective search engine optimization.

Saving Cost

Translation memory also helps in saving the cost. When there is comprehensive translation memory, more projects can be finished in less time and cost.


A company can use two or more methods at the same to streamline the translation process. Some methods need a little more time for preparation or money or both. So, make your choice wisely. You can contact Translation Planet for professional advice.