One-stop solution to all your language translation problem.

When you are looking for translation of your documents, books, or anything in between the only company that can give you A to Z service is The East African Language Solutions.

As per a report of One World Nations Online, Africa is a home to 1500-2000 languages. The central and eastern parts of Africa have a diverse population speaking above a thousand languages. It is impossible to understand all these languages at a time.

The East African Language Solutions (EALS) is a one stop solution to all your language translation problems in true sense. They are a group of highly committed individuals enthusiastic about providing services of all kinds related to translation, transcription, editing, and subtitling. Employing some of the best brains in the market, EALS has earned a respectable position in the linguistic industry.

There are numerous reasons to employ EALS for your linguistic needs. However, the best characteristics of East African Language Solutions as a company are as follows:


With the increase in transportation facilities and ease in doing business, international trade has skyrocketed. Also, companies have reached all the places domestically where they never thought of reaching. This has created a need for people who will understand the language of both parties.

Accuracy is a crucial characteristic of a language translation service. EALS offers top-notch quality when it comes to translation jobs. They will translate everything from a single-page PDF to lengthy books. The services are provided for all African languages and English.

The reason behind such accuracy is that EALS employs freelancers who have a good command over the languages, culture, and traditions of both the communities in question. Such language experts are worth their weight in gold. The reason is, translation is more than translating words. The culture of the person speaking influences the speech. If the translator is not aware about this culture, he might translate everything literally, ruining the deal.


Time is the essence of every successful deal. If you are in the middle of the deal and your translator goes to sleep, you might lose more than a night’s sleep. A loss of an hour and you might lose the deal to your competitor. Due to time difference between countries, the businesses might not be working on regular working hours. They might need the service of the translator anytime.

East African Language Solutions works 24/7 to facilitate you in your dealings any time of day or night. They ensure that the translators are there for you when you need them the most. The turnaround time for the translation work is also significantly less due to their constant efforts.

Final Thoughts:

A company that promises you more than your expectations in accuracy, timing, and reliability is a company worth employing. For everybody at The East African Language Solutions, language is passion, their client is their king, and work is their oxygen. So, relying on them for your linguistic requirements is the right thing to do.