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Interview Transcription.

Among many other reasons, having transcripts allows you to review your recordings at your convenience just by reading—from celebrity interviews to legal and business conversations.

At Translation Planet, we understand what high-quality interview transcription means to you. If you are looking for a transcription service provider that offers the best value for your money, search no further. Our experts are trained to oversee projects with up to 99% accuracy.

After we transcribed your interview, you will not spend time editing any longer. Besides, we deliver your task on time without sacrificing quality. Contact us for the best-quality interview transcription services at competitive pricing.

What’s more, we understand the rules that govern document confidentiality. We ensure that your interview is safe. Ready to send in your audio file? We have a team of transcriptionists to serve your needs.

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TP is used by many global multinationals and professional companies with international interests for our African language translation services.

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