How To Get The Perfect Translation For Your Book?

One of the best ways to reach a global audience for any business is to get the promotional content or book translated into another language. It opens up new markets and audiences worldwide, opening the door of further expansion and growth for the business. The same is true for self-publishing authors who want their work to get recognition. By taking assistance of reliable translating services, such as those offered by Translation Planet, you will be able to make your book or business more accessible to a global market.

There are certain tenets that any good work of translation consists of. Below are some of the principal tenets that you need to get right for an international audience to resonate with the content of your writing.

Knowledge about the audience

The very first thing you should make sure of is that you understand the audience you are targeting. No matter how creative or ingenious, no piece of writing would find an audience if it does not provide any value to them. Written text gains weight only when it is registered with the mind reader. Think about whether your content adds any value to the lives of your target readers. If not, you should better not invest in translators, as you may end up paying a hefty sum without being able to incur any ROI.

Only Hire Professional Translation Services

The quality of the translated work is entirely dependent upon the person doing the translations. Hence, you would have to work with the best people in the industry.

It is a mammoth undertaking to translate a book. Apart from the sheer volume of the work, several other aspects require sound precision and detailing on the translator’s part. This is not something that a freelancer with little formal training and experience can pull off. You would require professional translators, who are not only native speakers but have the knowledge and expertise to deliver the kind of translation you are seeking.

Another reason you would require the services of a professional translator is that the level of skill-set that professional translators carry allows them to maintain a high level of accuracy concerning the original text. Ideally, you would want your target audience to get every nuance of your writing. Whether it is the subtle humor or on-the-nose irony, you would like your audience to grasp all the details you have poured on paper. This requires a precise understanding of the cultural implications of certain phrases or idioms or other essential details that can make or break the experience of reading a book. It is these minor details that make a foreign book relatable to a native audience.

Edit and Proofread

Just like you proofread and edit your book before publishing it, similarly, for the translated version of your book, you would require to undertakethrough editing. If you have hired competent professional translating services such as  Translation Planet, you don’t have to hire an editor, as professional translators usually work with in-house editors. There are strict quality-control measures in place at firms that are professionally involved in undertaking translation projects.


The above-mentioned fundamentals are pretty much the foundation of a well-translated book. Getting these right would get you a correctly translated book that would have the potential to connect with a foreign demographic.