Five Things To Look For In A Translation Agency.

In a globalized world, trades occur between people who do not speak each other’s languages. In this scenario, the translation agency has a critical role to play. If the translation agency’s language service is top-notch, it will be an additional benefit for the success of your business. Hence, how to select a translation agency is a point to ponder.

Things to look for in a translation agency

There are thousands of companies that provide linguistic services in the world today. Choosing one of them may become burdensome when the time comes. Hence, we have isolated the top 5 things to look for in a translation agency:

  1. Cultural background

Perhaps the most important factor to consider while choosing the translation agency is the cultural background they have. It is more important than language expertise also because cultural differences can cause havoc in conversation. If the agency you are looking at has employed people who have a good cultural knowledge of the part of the world you have to deal with, you should prioritize this agency.

The Translation Planet has a history of providing services to people from various backgrounds without a glitch. They employ people from different backgrounds to make sure they provide top-class services to their clients.

  • Language expertise

It is imperative that the agency can provide linguistic services of the languages you want services for. They should have experienced people to deal with your particular case. The business dialect of a language might not be the same as the social dialect. You should always check if they have the right kind of experts to give you the right kind of service.

  • Turnaround time

Time is of the essence when you are dealing with international businesses. If you are late to reply or respond, you might lose the deal. Hence, the translation company should be able to provide services in the least amount of time. You should not be in the queue waiting for your translation when you are at risk of losing business.

Also, considering the time difference between the countries, your translation agency should be willing to advise you at any given time. It is a major factor to be considered while choosing a translating agency.

  • Cost-effective

Every business has a budget it should adhere to. If the translation agency is not giving your business an additive effect then probably should consider giving other agency a try. As far as business expenses are concerned, one should always calculate their profit by making the expenditure. Hence, the cost-effectiveness of the translation company should be considered thoroughly.

  • Accreditations

There are many agencies like ISO9001 or ISO17100 that accredit the companies based on the quality of the services they provide. If a translation company has this kind of accreditation then it will be easier to trust them. Independent verification is one of the ways in which you can choose between the companies.


While choosing the translation company, you should consider all the above factors to create maximum impact of hiring them. Some agencies like The Translation Planet can give you all kinds of services in the linguistic industry. They also hire some of the best available talents in the world. So, choosing somebody like that will help you solve all your language-based issues.