Five things to look for in a transcription and subtitling agency

Even before you hunt for the ideal transcription and subtitling agency for your beloved brand,

It is imperative to understand the difference and similarity between transcription and subtitling.

Transcription is mainly for Audios.Subtitling is only for Videos.
The idea is to convert audio into text or e-text.The idea is to enhance the watching experience.
The focus is on verbatim and clean readability.  The focus is to convey background ambiance and aid concentration.
Text converted is in the source language.Subtitles may or may not be in the same language.

Transcription and Subtitling have different utilities, but their impact on enhancing your business prospects is quite interlinked. Let us understand what makes an agency ideal for transcription and subtitling services:

  1. Content Authenticity:
  2. Transcription and Subtitling is a time-consuming task that requires razor-sharp focus and consistency. It requires careful editing, multiple proofreadings, and zero error margins to ensure that your brand does not face any embarrassment when the content is published over the internet or shared with your client.
  3. It is advisable to stick to the agency that has delivered the optimum quality work for you instead of looking for one-time freelancers for supposedly lower prices.
  1. Professional Linguists
  2. Yes, some software may help you with transcription and subtitling in much less time. These software understand the words and their meaning but do they understand the context? This is what distinguishes professional linguists from mindless software. Linguists understand the frame of reference, the cultural idioms, the marketing and sales taglines. These manual efforts never go in vain. They are reflected in the conversion rates and goodwill that the brand earns in the long run.
  1. Industry Knowledge
  2. The Transcription and Subtitling industry is broad and has wide implications on local and global brands’ performance and efficiency. If you are in the medical healthcare industry, even a small language error in your prescription or video can have a negative effect on the consumer. If you are in the legal sector, a slight mishap of words may have legal repercussions.
  3. Professional linguists with industry knowledge are a great brand reputation booster.
  4. They will make sure that your brand can offer services across multiple industries without worrying about language communication errors.
  1. Intent Conversion
  2. Transcriptions and Subtitles are not just about clarifying the word-meanings. They are more importantly about clarifying the Intent and Call to Action.
  3. A professional language solutions agency will ensure that the Intent of your video or pitching copy is conveyed with clarity. This is a non-negotiable factor to ensure that the investment of time, money, and energy you make in your brand’s marketing is worth every penny.  
  5. Solid Terms and Conditions
  6. As mentioned above, Transcription and Subtitling are manual efforts that require mindfulness and consistency. A makeshift approach to such fine art will be detrimental to your business reputation and brand ethos. Before you get into an official agreement, make sure the agency is transparent about the payment terms, delivery time, and confidentiality of the data you will share.
  9. An ideal language solutions agency is the one that is laid upon principles of confidentiality, timely delivery, a team of mindful linguists, and well-established terms and conditions. This is the type of agency that you should collaborate with and rely upon to manifest your brand goals and business aspirations.