Advertisement translation is a multi-layered process which much more complexity and art associated with it at a bigger scale. Not only language, but it also takes the cultural aspects as well as the major emotions and nuances to be perfectly understood and captured in the process of translation of ads and other marketing content.

If you are an eager translation expert who is entering the field of translating ads and marketing content, this one is the right place for you. We at Translation Planet offer a complete and comprehensive guideline for the ads and marketing content translation for beginners and experts. Avail of the services at the most amazing rates.

What is Advertising or media content Translation?

Advertisement and media translation is a phrase that is based on the services of various activities, which includes the translation of the intentional ads into the local language for the local users to understand them in a better way. Since companies spend millions in TV ads, social media advertising, printed media ads as well as the paid ads, they still want to get global coverage.

The translation process in this is not only based on the translation of the language of the ads but the videos and audio elements of the ads while capturing the nuances of culture and emotions perfectly. The ads have to be perfectly translated and conceivably transcribed to ensure that the ultimate translation of the advert fulfills its purpose in the targeted audience. The translation effectively includes the translation of language into another one for the targeted audience in an affected manner. The adverts translation covering the Spanish original ads being translated to English is a very common thing.

Translation of the ads promises more customers and more revenue at the same time. The brand’s global coverage will be enhanced and the product will increase its outreach in countries where the native language is different from the product’s manufacturing company.

Things to be aware of while Translating to International Advertising

Here are a few things that must be on the top of your head while carrying out the services of translation of international ads and marketing content.

Advertising is an art and involved conveying information about the brand and raising brand awareness. During the translation of the ads, make sure that you understand the context of the ad, the value of the brand, its background, and its USPs. It is important to establish these things before translating the ads. The context of the ad could be funny in the native language. Failing to understand the context of the ad makes the ad bland and purposeless. You have it break the context of the Ad into three sections as per the Translation Planet guidelines.

  • Cultural and Socio-Historical Context addressing the culture of the country
  • Rhetorical Context is how you highlight what the brand offers and raise brand awareness and its initiatives in the recent future.
  • Linguistic Context is the key in translating the ad into the right text and words.
  • The right channels of marketing must be used.
  • Data and research should be done