Best Language Solutions Company In East Africa.

Best Language Solutions Company In East Africa.

If you are looking for the best language services in East Africa, you should look no further. A single name has the potential to solve all your linguistic needs in East Africa: East African Language Solutions

Language services have become one of the core requirements in the world of business today. The world is becoming smaller, and the trades are becoming bigger. In this scenario, you need a language service provider that can fulfil all your needs without any delay or drama. East African Language Solutions is a company you can trust.

East African Language Solutions (EALS) provides a bouquet of services for its clients. The quality of services coupled with punctuality and affordability provided by EALS makes every other linguistic company look like a novice in the market.

The linguistic services provided by EALS are holistic in nature. Some of the major services provided by them are as follows:

Translation Services

Translation services provided by EALS are top-notch. They employ expert freelancers from across the globe to maintain the high-quality standard. They bring expertise in their native language and the cultural background to the project for the clients’ satisfaction. The diversity of the freelancers correlates with the diversity of the projects.

Transcription Services

Whether you need transcription service for audio, video, medical, legal, thesis/dissertation, academic, seminar, or research, EALS is your answer. The monolingual transcription is provided by high-end freelancers to ensure the quality of work. On the other hand, bilingual transcription is provided by the in-house language specialists employed by EALS. Personalized packages for transcription are provided to fulfil the varied needs of clients.

Subtitling Services

With the escalation of video services online, subtitling is the need for the hour. East African Language Solutions provides flawless subtitles in English and all the major African languages at affordable rates. The experienced linguistic experts assure you the perfection in language, tone, feel, and style of the original dialogue. Subtitles to everything from small videos to films and documentaries can be done at one single place: EALS.

Book Translation

Have you written a book and want to widen your reader base across countries? Or, do you have a favorite book you want to translate? In either case, the EALS offers you stellar services for translation of your book. The language experts will ensure that your translation matches the original book cent percent. The time required is minimal as EALS is at your service 24×7. There is not even one moment when the language experts are not working for the cause.

Editing And Proofreading

Editing and proofreading are crucial parts of the art of writing. If you have written something and want to publish it without any errors or omissions, you will need a master reviewing your writing. At EALS, there are people who specialize in this sector. It does not matter whether your work is a small article or a lengthy book; EALS has got your back.


Finally, if you need to find the best language service in East Africa, you can go to East African Language Solution without a second thought.