Benefits of subtitling your videos or documentaries – maximizing your video reach.

Our modes of consuming stories keep changing from time to time.

The first stories of our lives were narrated to us by our grandparents and parents.

As we grew older, our teachers introduced us to new ideas.

The curious ones among us resorted to books to further read and understand the stories of the world. Then came photography and completely changed the way we comprehended the stories. They say that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, but a video?

 A video is worth a million such pictures.

Videos are the most powerful way to exchange ideas, propagate information and, narrate stories. Videos create the maximum impression on a consumer’s mind.

However, it is evident that sometimes the nuances of story and information are difficult to grasp due to differences in native languages. This is a serious concern when the video is about product description or educational module or marketing sales copy rather than a cinematic artistic video.

Professional address to this concern can work wonders for businesses and brands who rely majorly on digital media to communicate with their potential consumer base.

Let us see how Subtitling your video can enhance your conversion rate and amplify your reach :

Sound Sensitive Environments

Do you know that 80% of videos on Facebook and Twitter are watched without sounds?

Let’s assume that you are sure that your video is carefully crafted to convey your ideas. But what if your potential client is consuming your video in a noisy environment? What if this potential customer has a hearing disability? To address this concern and ensure maximum retention of information in the very first video view, Subtitles work like a charm.

Aid Concentration

Concentration works differently in classrooms. It works way differently when you are learning via video mode, either on YouTube or any other MOOC courses. It is scientifically proven that Subtitling the video generates enhanced attention span and information retention. It is especially beneficial for people with limited learning abilities and attention deficiency disorders. You don’t want your potential consumers struggling with abbreviations and jargons while watching your video, do you?

Improve SEO ratings

Video broadcasting channels like YouTube and search engines like Google are very particular about this parameter. After all, they have the responsibility to bring the most wholesome content for you. They not only take into account the hashtags or grammar but Subtitles too. They too understand the limitations of Auto-captions. Hence, high precision Subtitles will ensure higher visibility and reach of your video content. A smoother watching experience means more video shares, more views, and automatic SEO rating boost-up.

Great Watching Experience

When watching a foreign movie, how do you plan to grasp their thick accents and background noises? When watching a product description, how do you plan to understand industry jargon? When watching an educational video, how do you plan to decipher the formulae, spellings and abbreviations?

Professional Subtitling is an art that maximizes the impact of your video on the consumer’s mind. It ensures extra retention by triggering visual stimulus along with the audio.

Maximum impact leads to maximum satisfaction which further leads to maximum outreach.

There you go, see how simply adding professional subtitles in your video content can optimize your conversion rate and amplify your brand value. But hey, wait!

It is essential for the linguists to understand the business or cultural context behind the video for net positive results, right?

Therefore, keep in mind to subscribe to an expert language solutions agency for subtitling services.