While waiting for a movie in a foreign language, you might get some idea about the movie through the video, but it is impossible to understand the audio without the subtitles and subtext. So the transcribing of the videos and the subtitling is a proper industry which one should always explore if they are aiming to get into the profession of translation. We at Translation Planet offer a comprehensive guide to Subtitling and transcribing in the section below.

What are Subtitling and transcribing?

Subtitling and transcribing is the process in which the Video is converted into text transcription. The process involves converting the verbal aspects of the video into the desired language and make a text of the entire video into a text document. There are tons of corporate businesses which require the creation of the transcripts of the video for various purposes.

From online lectures to movies and ads and much more, this is a vast field. The videos can be subtitled in the desired languages for the viewers to enjoy the content. Some businesses only make use of text-only video services to make them more comprehensive for their users while carrying out the transcription services.

Major dissimilarities of Video and Audio Transcription

There are a few differences in the video and audio transcription. The video transcription and audio transcription will allow the translators to transcribe videos. The major difference in both the processes is based on the transcription of the low-quality videos as well as splitting the background noise while transcribing the videos using multiple speakers and much more.

Apportioning with Background Noise while transcribing video

While the creation of the audio files is done, it is important to ensure that better awareness is created about the language and what audio has been conveying to the listeners. As a translator, you have to make sure that you reduce the background noise while putting more focus on the visual aspects to communicate the message to spectators. Video transcribing is much more effective if there is less background noise.

Transcribing Videos using various Speakers

You can use multiple speakers for the recording of the videos for carrying out the video transcription. While transcribing the videos, you have to make sure that you use the additional benefit of using the speakers as well as effectively hear them out. It concludes the striving of the attribution of the speech which will be effectively transcribed into audio.

How you can Transcribe Videos?

Here are a few ways that you can use order to transcribe videos. You can use Translation Planet services to get them transcribed professionally. These include:

  • Video transcription software
  • Machine transcription post-editing software

You can choose budget-friendly software for this purpose. We also ensure that you get the basic toolset to get started in the subtitling and transcribing of the videos and audios. You can avail the tools mentioned above from us at the best prices.